Grazia Business Solutions creates business value through its services by effective and efficient use of people, processes and innovation. We provide Software and Web Applications Development Services, Mobile Applications Development Services, Training Services and Consulting services.


We create custom Software and Web solutions utilising a variety of technologies and frameworks. We also integrate existing client applications and solutions; and customize packaged applications and solutions to meet a more specific client need.


Our team of professional business analysts and developers use a collaborative process to help our clients create a design that is both appealing and functional. From a logo to graphics, to menu buttons and content to data flow, making sure your app is attractive, easy to use and works as per clients’ requirements.


Grazia Business Solutions’ training services are designed specifically for organisations who want to empower their teams to develop context-specific learning solutions, which are aligned to their business strategy.


Grazia Business Solutions may also provide clients with advice on the purchase, installation, and maintenance of information technology and software products. And also business process re-engineering.

Product Sales

We offer a wide range of quality Software and Hardware products such as Laptops, Monitors, Tablets, External Hard Drives, Computer Accessories, Microsoft Office Suite, Antivirus, Firewalls etc. These are sourced from leading suppliers worldwide.

Security Consulting

We empower customers to strengthen their business from security threats. We specialise in IT security pre-auditing, review and data loss prevention, fight critical vulnerabilities and help insulate against future threats. We also assist in recovering hacked accounts.


We understand that your brand is your company. It’s what represents you to consumers. We offer Logo Design, Letterheads, Corporate Emails and Signatures, Brochures.


With our Search Engine Optimisation services, you can improve and enhance your website’s presence on major search engines (mainly Google), resulting in greater exposure for your business online.

About Us

Our philosophy is summarised by the words made famous by Thomas Edison "There is a better way of doing it - find it!".

Grazia Business Solutions prides itself as being a leader in providing innovative solutions for SMMEs in the Free State provice. With SMMEs being the engine of our economy, we appreciate the role they play in addressing the unemployment plagueing the youth of our country. We could infact say we have a soft spot for SMMEs.


We have hand picked the A-team of innovation with diverse knowledge, experience and skills set. This A-team is selected with the 3 pillars of business in mind: "People, Business Processes and Technology" because we know that innovation thrives in diversity
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Founder and CEO
Mr Prince has more than 3 years of experience in systems development in an academic environment with real clients from around the Western Cape. Mr Prince holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town. And his major interests are IT Audit and Development. Prince staunchly believes in empowering communities through youth development.


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